Advisory Board Support

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Advisory Board Support

We offer specific, custom support for your advisory board needs, catering to all stages from conception to execution.

Our end-to-end advisory board solution takes care of every step to ensure your advisory board runs smoothly while adhering to compliance regulations. Pharma Integrity’s custom consultancy can include support with defining a legitimate need, objectives, selection of appropriate advisors, selection of chairperson, internal attendees, invitations, creating relevant assets, finalising contracts, setting the agenda and hosting the ad board’s proceedings.

It can also include identifying or refining data to be provided or presented, service honoraria, travel and accommodation arrangements as well as notifying the local regulatory authority when Irish experts are invited to participate.

We prepare a detailed report and our team also helps in obtaining necessary approvals for all the required documentation at every stage of the process. We are also able to offer individual elements of  support as required if you don’t require full end-to-end support.

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