We are the leading healthcare compliance consultancy company in Ireland.

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We are also the only consultancy company that has a full understanding of both the UK and Irish pharma industry working practices and regulatory responsibilities.

In the UK and Ireland, there are very specific nuances that must be fulfilled and adhered to. These standards and regulations are often under-documented, vague or unclear, leaving companies that don’t understand the full extent of their obligations vulnerable. Historically, Ireland hasn’t had the same level of enforcement as the UK, however, in some areas the requirements in Ireland are now more stringent than the UK. This has the potential to consume time and resources, leading to confusion and stress for those accountable.


Pharma Integrity knows how pharma works. We know how to conduct business to ensure the requirements of the ABPI Code of Practice, the IPHA Code of Practice, the Medicines for Ireland Code of Practice and legislation associated with the promotion of medicines in the UK and Ireland are met.



Holding different cross-functional roles in a variety of pharmaceutical companies gave Caroline Kelly an in-depth understanding into healthcare compliance requirements and obligations at an operational level. With these unique insights, Caroline became aware of how the lack of expert support was really impacting companies. Passionate about the specialist help she could offer, she made the decision to establish a consultancy business. Pharma Integrity was founded in 2019 with a host of innovative services, events and programmes.

The development of creative, solutions-focused services and training programmes, and hiring of vibrant, multi-faceted team members have greatly contributed to the early success of Pharma Integrity. In a number of companies, the Pharma Integrity Signatory Training programme has been made essential for all new signatory hires, regardless of background or prior experience.

The Pharma Integrity annual conference was founded to provide the opportunity for meaningful operational learning, discussion, debate and networking in healthcare compliance across pharmaceutical companies in Ireland. In just a short time, it has proudly become a go-to event in the Irish pharma calendar. After two years of dedicated development, Pharma Integrity launched its accessible, leading-edge eLearning platform in 2024. With excellent client feedback and word-of-mouth referrals, Pharma Integrity is already recognised as a trusted partner for pharma companies in Ireland.


Compliance –

We view compliance as a set of legal and ethical standards that benefits patients and promotes the reputation of the pharmaceutical industry.

Support –

We support in an open and constructive manner to empower clients with the knowledge and understanding required to lead internally.

Understanding –

We understand the complexity and uncertainty in operational applications, so we provide clear, practical advice adaptable to each company.

Welcome new ideas –

We welcome new ideas from our partners so we can continuously improve our services in line with customer needs and the most current regulations and standards.

High-quality solutions –

We know how pharmaceutical companies operate and what they aspire to achieve so we support with a range of high-quality solutions that bring real value.

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Awards &

Finalist PMEA 2023

Excellence in Capability Development – Pharma Integrity Signatory Training

Finalist Pharma Awards 2023

Finalist Pharma Education & Training Award – Pharma Integrity Signatory Training

Finalist Pharma Awards 2023

Finalist Pharma Contract Services Company of the Year – Pharma Integrity

Runner up Donegal Enterprise Awards 2021

Best Established Business – Pharma Integrity

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a small, confident company that embraces diversity, flexibility and sustainability. We’re passionate about the social and environmental aspects of our work.

We provide flexible working arrangements for our staff, embracing remote working and online meetings. Along with going paperless, we’re proactive in working to minimise carbon contributions. We stand strong with our sustainability agenda, and this is borne by our manner of work and our intrinsic beliefs as a company. It is critically important to us as a team to give back, each Pharma Integrity employee has a budget of €1000 each year to donate to a charity or cause of their choice.

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